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German Army Field Telephones

  • FF-26 (Feldfernsprecher 26) - Field telephone with magneto and phonetic signaling designed in 1926 for German armed forces (Reichswehr). Judging by the dates marked on telephone parts, this sample was manufactured in 1926 or 1927.

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WHD = 280 х 220 х 100 mm, weight (less battery) 5.4 kg. Phonetic signaling possible with plug-in buzzer.

The FF-26 had wooden case of the same shape and size as "Grosser Feldfernsprecher 17", one of 1917 German field telephone models. The obvious difference with 1917 models was in handset support design. In working position, the FF-26 handset support was protruding out of the telephone box while in transit the handset and its support both went inside the box.

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