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RKK Radio Museum Story

Our Museum was established in May, 2000, after WW II 55th Victory Day celebration. We have collected a dozen of WW II vets then to our corporate office, and to decorate it some of our employees brought in several samples of WW II radios. The vets introduced an idea to start a permanent WW II radio exhibit at our company, RC & C Ltd. (in Russian - OOO FIRMA RKK). 

Well, it was in line with our business, professional mobile radio systems, so the Museum was started soon. At first our exhibits had only 12 samples yet some of them were real rarities like E 52a or E 53 receivers. We have decided to strictly limit the scope of our samples by the date "1945", the year when WW II was over. 

In the next four years the exhibits have remained the same and only after RC & C has moved to its new office building it was decided to start expanding the Museum. Starting June, 2004, and up to nowadays the number of WW II radios has increased about 15 times. In our 12 showcases we have about 130 radios, 30 field telephones and other wire line military equipment and nearly 20 samples of test and measurement equipment. 

Current Collections

The WW II radio exhibits are our main line. We have on display, WW II radios of USSR manufacture, the radios supplied to the USSR by Lend-Lease agreement from the USA, Canada and United Kingdom, as well as German Wehrmacht radios. Out of our 130 radios nearly 20% are Soviet makes, 30% are Lend-Lease supplies and about 50% are Wehrmacht radios. All of those to include troops entertainment receivers mostly of Wehrmacht. A few American "morale radios" are also present in our WW II collection. 

On top of radios, we have sufficiently expanded our "wire line" collection which incorporates now not just WW II but also some WW I samples of field telephones and field telegraphs. There are pretty rare items there like a small field telephone of Russian ranger of WW I or telegraphy receiver of 1923 made in Petrograd (another name of St. Petersburg used since WW I was unleashed). 

There are also some vintage home entertainment radios exhibited in RKK Radio Museum - about 60 tube radios and 40 crystal sets of 1921-1945. There are several vintage battery portable receivers on display, too. 

Special attention was paid lately to German "people's receivers" (Volksempfänger) so now we have quite an impressive collection of so-called "Gemeinschaftserzeugnis" program of joint receiver's production. There are not only VE 301 and DKE receivers on display but also such rarities as DAF 1011, DOK 36 and DOK 37.

About the Museum Site

After some internal discussions, we decided to keep English version of our Museum site sufficiently truncated as compared to its Russian version. This is because of lack of human resources that wouldn't allow us to keep both language versions at the same content level. Those of you who could read and understand Russian are strongly advised to visit the Russian version of our Museum site, too. 

There are two first reviews in Russian in place already. One is devoted to National HRO and its copies, another to German People's Receivers. Anyone may go there and try to click on blue links in the Russian text to watch the pop-up pictures. 

First of all you are advised to visit the ALL SHOWCASES OF RKK RADIO MUSEUM section and go thru the showcases and their cells. We have commented each and every sample displayed except maybe some smaller accessories. 

The BROADCAST RECEIVER COLLECTION (1921-1945) section contains pictures of the receivers that we have at RKK Radio Museum. This includes troops entertainment receivers, vintage tube receivers and crystal sets as well as German "people's receivers". Gradually there will be more details of every receiver shown in pop-up screens yet currently only a few of the samples have such feature. Try to click on the thumbnails that have model names in blue color. 

Same about TEST AND MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT OF 1930s AND 1940s section. Gradually there will be some more details added to every T&M sample but now we shall apologize for having only general view of our T&M exhibit and equipment thumbnails.

In VACUUM TUBES section you may find some displays of the most exotic tubes of WW II period that we have. Our vacuum tube collection contains over 400 tube types used in military and related equipment. We have tube samples of USSR, USA and UK manufacture. Over 60% of our collection are German Wehrmacht tubes.

We strongly recommend that you visit also, the Morse Key collection of Valery Pakhomov, UA3AO. This is the first such guest collection at RKK Radio Museum site, but it is our intention to offer our pages to those of our friends radio collectors who have no other chance to demonstrate their treasures on Internet. 

You are advised to click the "Other Collections" button on the top navigation bar from time to time. 

We would really appreciate any comments and suggestions regarding our virtual exhibits and sure would like to see anyone interested in WW II military communications at our museum premises.

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