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WG Radio Museum Displays
at RAEM Memorial Museum Premises

Due to excellent relations with Eugene, UA3AJT, the trustee of RAEM Memorial Museum, we have been invited to display some of WG Radio Museum samples at RAEM Memorial Museum premises. On top of two showcases, we have transferred there the bulky BC-610 transmitter of WW II which used to belong to late Ernst Krenkel (RAEM) and which he employed on amateur bands.

Found below are two picture galleries where radios and field telephones are arranged alphabetically. Clicking on thumbnails one may see bigger pictures of WG Radio Museum samples accompanied by some texts. Most of the texts have embedded links to additional pictures and drawings.

Radios of WW II (1939-1945)
at RAEM Memorial Museum

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Field Telephones of WW I and WW II
at RAEM Memorial Museum

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