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German Wehrmacht Tubes

  • Display #6. Wehrmacht Vacuum Tubes (1935-1945)

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On the left there is Telefunken RS 384 used in Wehrmacht radios since 1939. On the right there is Soviet tube GU-80 known since 1955, apparently an exact replica of RS 384 including same base design. 

In between the RS 384 and GU-80, there is Telefunken RS 383 at the back wall. No Soviet analogue of that tube was known. 

To the left of RS 384 there are three tiny Telefunken tubes on display - SA 1 and SA 100 VHF diodes and SD 1A triode which could be used up to 60 MHz. 

Further right there are pretty rare Wehrmacht tubes displayed - LG 76 gas filled tube (Nullode) featuring two copper disks which was used at the input terminals of radar receivers, RD 2 Md2 magnetron delivering 0.5 W at 2 GHz and another magnetron, RD 4 Ma delivering 14 W in 1,150...1,700 MHz band.

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