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Some US and UK Military Tubes

  • Exotic tubes of WW II - Some British and US vacuum tubes 

    To be continued after the picture... 

Bottom left is CV 67 reflection klystron of 1942 used in British 10-cm airborne radars. Higher on the same wall a 316A (VT-191) UHF output triode of 1942 may be seen. There is very similarly looking German TS 1a triode of GEMA on display on the next shelf of this show box. 

There are 954 (VT-120) Acorn tube and 9003 (VT-203) miniature tube displayed in the front row. And the tubes next to them - 832A (VT-286), 829B (VT-259) and 813 (VT-144) - are very much familiar to Russian HAMs and professionals of 1960s and 1970s because Soviet copies of those tubes called GU-32, GU-29 and GU-13 have been so common in the USSR radio equipment.

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