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1920s: The Times of Crystal Sets and… Integrated Circuits

  • Loewe 2H 3N - Battery broadcast 2-V-2 receiver of 1927 using just two "multipurpose" tubes. Manufactured by Loewe-Radio of Berlin, Germany. 

    To be continued after the picture set... 

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The 2H 3N employs two of Loewe "Multipurpose Tubes" (Mehrfachröhren), namely 2 HF and 3 NF

2 HF has two tetrodes inside while 3 NF has three triodes. Also some resistors and capacitors are encapsulated inside the common glass with tetrodes and triodes making the Multipurpose Tubes real integrated circuits - the world's first IC's designed as early as 1926. 

To the contrast with another famous receiver of Loewe, the OE 333 which was built around 3 NF tube and was designed for local stations reception (OE = Ortsempfänger, i.e. receiver for local stations), the 2H 3N was true DX receiver (Fernempfänger) having 2-stage RF amplifier.

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