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Field Telephones of WW I

  • TF2 (exact model unknown) - WW I field telephone of Russian army ranger. Phonetic signaling. Made in 1914 or early 1915. WHD = 140 х 140 х 70 mm, weight (less battery) 1.0 kg.

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This small field telephone in a wooden case was made in Petrograd by Politechnical Institute laboratory. Judging by Directions For Use contained inside the box, this was an artillery reconnaissance device manufactured between 1914 and 1917 when Russian Empire was involved in the WW I. 

In one of St. Petersburg's state owned museums we have seen similar small field telephone with serial number exceeding 1800 while serial number of our sample is just 63. 

Taking into account limited production capability of Petrograd Polytechnical Institute laboratory, we may safely suggest that our sample was manufactured at the very beginning of WW I, i.e. by late 1914 or early 1915.

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