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Field Telephones of WW I

  • TF1 (exact model unknown) - Field telephone with magneto signaling made by N.K. Geissler and Co., Saint-Petersburg, Russia, between 1912 and 1914. 

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WHD = 310 х 230 х 140 mm, weight (less battery) 5.8 kg.

The place of manufacture inside the telephone set was indicated as "S.P.B."  which used to be an acronym for Saint-Petersburg, the capital of Russia at that time. The "S.P.B." letters gave us a clue to determining time of manufacture of that particular field telephone. 

It is widely known that the name of Russian capital, Saint-Petersburg, was changed to "Petrograd" when Russia declared state of war with Germany in August, 1914. On the other hand, it is known that Nikolai Geissler started his new telephone factory in Saint-Petersburg in 1911. 

Based on those facts, we have evaluated the time of manufacture for this field telephone set as 1912-1914.

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