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Troops Entertainment Receivers

  • Ecophone EC-1 A/B - Communications receiver of troops entertainment variety. Frequency coverage from 550 kHz to 30 MHz, CW (A1) and AM (A3). Manufactured around 1945-1946. 

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Looking exactly like Hallicrafters EC-1, it has dial marked "SkyRider Jr." which was another Hallicrafters model, S-41G. On top of that, the receiver has German marks all around and most of parts inside are also of German origin. Yet some capacitors have "Made in USA" marks.

In our opinion, this is a Swiss assembly by Apco AG of Zurich using Hallicrafters parts and modules. For a couple of years, Apco AG used to import Hallicrafters equipment and could well go for "screw driving business" assembling receivers from remaining Hallicrafters parts after WW II was over.

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