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  • 25 December 2017. Today we have completed English comments updating for ALL SHOWCASES OF RKK RADIO MUSEUM section of our site. The last phase of updating was devoted to incorporating of additional pictures and drawings into the text of the comments.

    Now links to 200+ additional pictures and drawings could be found in the text comments which along with 180 main pictures of showcase cells makes it over 400 pics to see. Most of additional pictures have never been published in Internet before.

    This is not as much as in the Russian version of our site where about 550 additional pictures could be found on top of the same 180 main pics, so to anyone interested in more details, we could recommend to browse thru Russian texts of corresponding cells. The chances are high you could find more pictures and drawings of interest among Cyrillic letters

    We are going to work now on updates for BROADCAST RECEIVER COLLECTION where about 10 new samples are not even mentioned today. Whenever we have enough resources, we are going to start a new section of the site devoted to Communications in WW I - both wired and wireless. We have now over 30 different samples that might be attributed as communications devices of the Great War.

  • 7 March 2008. Today we have completed an impressive update of pictures and text comments of the very first section of our site, "ALL  SHOWCASES OF RKK RADIO MUSEUM" but just for its Russian version

    We must apologize to the English speaking visitors of our site for certain inconveniences they may experience. Our firm intention is to upgrade the "ALL SHOWCASES OF RKK RADIO MUSEUM" section as soon as we can, to the level of its Russian mirror section.

    On top of current 180 showcase pictures, we are going to include in the new English comments, all of the 540 additional pictures and drawings that similar Russian section already has.

    Once again our apologies for any current inconveniences. In the meantime you are welcome to explore the Russian version of "ALL SHOWCASES" section and click on the blue links in the comments. That way you may find some new pictures and drawings of interest.

  • 29 December 2006. We have finally completed a hard job of creating new extended comments to RKK Radio Museum samples that you may find now in "ALL SHOWCASES OF RKK RADIO MUSEUM" section of this site. 

    Though at first, the English version of the site was meant to be commented in a very basic way while the Russian version used to have much more extended comments, now we have tried to match English comments to the Russian ones. You are welcome to explore what has come out of our good intentions 

    We would appreciate your feedback on the samples that have messages printed in RED color. 

    We also would be thankful if you notice and inform us on any discrepancies in our statements, especially in regards to the US and British equipment exhibited. There are some statements there which might look controversial to some of you - like our strong belief that popular "WR 1/T" abbreviation is nothing but faulty name of Blaupunkt early "WR 1" receiver. 

    Finally, we sure would appreciate any comments and suggestions on our English language, both grammar and usage of certain expressions. We realize we are Russians that try to speak decent English, yet we are not Englishmen or Americans to be sure of any of our English expressions or idioms. 

    No offense, please make a point of just the smallest of our English language faults. 

    To communicate with us, please use our RKK Radio Museum mailbox at

    Best of Season's Greetings and Happy New Year 2007 to all of you !

  • 21 September 2006. In the last two months there were a couple of new samples arriving to the RKK Radio Museum showcases which we would like to attract your attention to. 

    We have replaced our AR-88-D receiver by AR-88-F that used to belong to famous Soviet polar radioman Ernst Krenkel (RAEM). And our AR-88-D is temporarily staying at our club station, RZ3AWX:

    There are a few rare samples arriving in our Wehrmacht exhibits:

    Lend-Lease exhibits have been expanded by adding a few avionics samples as well as BC-603 tank receiver: 

    Within the next month we hope to expand considerably, our "Wired Communications" displays by adding EE-3 field telephone from the US, Erdsprechgerät and Kleiner Klappenschrank of German Wehrmacht, very rare Soviet field telephone TABIP-1, etc. 

    Will have to start two more showcases to accommodate all the new samples of our "Wired Communications" collection

  • 29 May 2006. All of the samples shown in the "All Showcases of RKK Radio Museum" section have finally got proper commentaries in English. We would appreciate your input regarding accuracy of our comments especially on Lend-Lease equipment. 

    The "About Our Museum" text was updated and reference to our Vacuum Tube collection was returned to the Main Page. The "Broadcast Receiver Collection" section will be updated very soon, too.

  • 01 April 2006. The exhibits of RKK Radio Museum have expanded considerably in the last six months. This was the main reason to collect about 25 guests and give them a chance to browse thru the RKK Museum showcases. There was a special party arranged also.
    You may see some pictures here.

  • 23 March 2006. On this special day there were a couple of presents given to Mr. Valery Gromov, General Manager of RC&C Ltd. (OOO FIRMA RKK) and Trustee of RKK Radio Museum.

    Among those was another version of German Koeln receiver, E 52 a1, as well as Minerva 499 SH with special panel to control Siemens Hellschreiber. Also there was a FuG 16 won on eBay for Mr. Gromov by his business partners, and soon it will also be exhibited in RKK Radio Museum showcases.

  • 16 January 2006. We are upgrading our museum site these days. In the new site format, our visitors won't see the showcase pictures from the start but rather some texts having so many links to the pictures. 
    To create such new texts and all the new pictures is a lengthy and time consuming job. It will be completed in Russian language first and only then in English. So our English speaking visitor's won't see any changes for a couple of weeks unless they switch over to Russian version of the site. 
    Even if you have no idea of Russian language, you may still click on the embedded links and look at the pictures some of which you may not find in other parts of our site. Those who would like to just browse thru all of RKK Radio Museum showcases could do it right from the Main Page now.

  • 4 October 2005. A group of Motorola managers has visited our place that day. On top of Moscow office representatives, we have been pleased to see Axel Rettig, one of directors of Motorola Europe. Upon completion of business discussions (our company is one of the biggest Motorola distributors in Russia) there was a guided tour arranged for Motorolans thru all the RKK Radio Museum premises. On top of natural interest that Axel Rettig had exhibited to the German Wehrmacht samples, he was amused by the US made handy-talkie, the BC-721 of 1943. It was one of the Motorola products during the WWII, and we have promised to give a spare sample of BC-721 to Motorola Moscow office. So far only Motorola HQ in Chicago had one but from now on Motorola Moscow office will have its own BC-721

  • 1 October 2005. We have been invited by the management of Russian Amateur Radio Union (SRR) to present some of RKK Radio Museum samples of WWII equipment during the SRR Hamfest near Moscow. Our exhibition of about 20 samples of WWII radios was there for three days. The most exotic radios were Soviet 71-TK-1 tank transmitter, American BC-721 handy-talkie and German Dorette and Feldfu.f. All hams could try it on Soviet US receiver as well as on German Torn.E.b and American AR-88 and HRO. On top of receivers up and running, there was an exposition of UA3AO Morse key collection and there he was in person offering to produce code on a Vibroplex bug at the speed of about 60 wpm (300 characters per minute). It was a real challenge to most of the hams present On Saturday, RA3CC has made a short presentation on the past and future of RKK Radio Museum. Some pictures from SRR Hamfest may be found here.

  • 29 September 2005. A military radio collector David Topham, GM3WKB, from Scotland paid us a visit that day. At home he has most every military radio made in Great Britain from 1937 up to nowadays as well as very impressive collection of American and Soviet made radios of "Cold War" period (see left picture). Nevertheless in our exhibit of USSR radios of WWII David has found something of interest for himself, too...

  • 23 August 2005. Two top managers of the Amateur Radio Union of Russia (SRR) paid a visit to our museum. Roman Tomas (RZ3AA), the SRR president, and Igor Booklan (RA3AUU) came to discuss possible RKK Museum participation in the HAM festival to take place by late September near Moscow. They have introduced an interesting idea of stimulating vintage military radio usage on amateur bands. We have accepted the idea and announced that RKK Radio Museum will be ready to support a new HAM radio award program promoting revival of vintage military radios.

  • 11 August 2005. The BC-610-E transmitter that was in use by the famous Soviet polar radioman, Ernst Krenkel (RAEM), has recently become a property of RKK Radio Museum. 
    Because we had no chance to accommodate the bulky BC-610 in our premises, we have agreed with the Central Armed Forces Museum (CAFM) that the BC-610 will be exhibited there as a part of their Lend-Lease collection. We believe it looks in place in the CAFM halls

  • 26 July 2005. We are proudly announcing the new addition to RKK Radio Museum USSR exhibits - the RB (or 3-R) radio of 1940 (design of 1938). There were new samples added to our Lend-Lease exhibits, too - BC-611 and BC-721 Handy-Talkies and the Wireless Set No.48 Mk I*. We have also started the new showcase for our detector collection and for Loewe 2H 3N receiver using legendary 2HF and 3NF tubes which were world's first integrated circuits.


  • 14 July 2005. We were all so happy to help Valery, UA3AO, to make his long time dream come true. He wanted to get the Vibrokeyer by Vibroplex and he got it. 
    The fast delivery to Russia was provided by Vladimir, UA3AGU, who happened to be in the US right on those days.

  • 12 June 2005. It was a pleasure to visit one of the most famous Wehrmacht radio collectors, Hans Richter (DL7SK), at his home place near Berlin. 
    As Hans Richter said, now he has only about 100 Wehrmacht radios while in the past there were at least three times more samples in his collection.
    Hans was delighted to get a copy of  "The Red Ears" book by V. Shapkin with the special author's autograph.
    You may see some pictures taken at Hans Richter's place here.

  • 18 May. UNESCO has announced the 18th of May to be The International Day of Museums. On that day we have been invited to the Central Armed Forces Museum (CAFM) to share in celebrating the governmental awards of the top management of CAFM. 
    We have also examined the new CAFM exhibit devoted to the 60th Anniversary of USSR Victory in the Great Patriotic War. We have been pleased to see there, some of the RKK Radio Museum samples which we gave to CAFM for their Lend-Lease exhibits.

  • 12 May. The first meeting of RKK Radio Museum Friends proved to be a nice event. It was devoted to the 60th Anniversary of USSR Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the 5th Anniversary of RKK Radio Museum. Around 30 guests collected to RC&C office building which hosts the RKK Museum. 
    First there was a presentation of RKK Radio Museum exhibits made by Valery Gromov, President & CEO of RC&C Ltd., followed by a party in a cafe located in the same building. Then everybody were invited to go to the Museum of Radio which is situated about 50 km out of Moscow. There was a museum tour conducted by Vladimir Shapkin, the Museum of Radio director, and a barbeque party. Everybody present were given the famous "The Red Ears" book of Mr. Shapkin with the author's autograph. 
    Some pictures taken on May 12 may be found here.

  • 10-14 May. During the SVIAZ-EXPOCOMM 2005 international telecom show in Moscow, on top of professional equipment there were several WW II samples exhibited at RC&C booth.

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